Reviews of the best free dating sites on the Internet



(Last updated - January 2024)

Online dating is one of the most popular ways to meet new people nowadays, not only from your surroundings and even during the quarantine. With the advantage of mobile technology and all sorts of social networks, the search for a suitable partner has moved to the online world. Only few of us dare to take the first step and approach someone on the streets these days. If you are looking for a way that is always available and really easy, online dating might be just the right option for you.

As people in the world are changing, so are the dating sites. Young people want to travel, meet other people and try new things. The need is higher than ever for long, short-term and open relationships today. That is why we have decided to introduce you to the best free, non-binding dating sites on the US market.

So what is online dating?

Since the beginning of online dating on the Internet, finding a new partner has changed a lot. Random meetings in a bar, disco, in a fitness center or matchmaking from friends and family were completely normal in the past. If this didn't work, you could choose to find an advertisement in the newspaper. This is no longer up to date. People lack time to regularly wander around discos and sometimes even self-confidence to approach an unknown girl on the streets. Online dating is the solution to those problems straight from the comfort of your home. Today, all you have to do is pick up your phone and create a free account on one of the dating portals. Online dating has become stronger than ever and the connectivity between people is truly fast and simple! Newspaper advertisements that our parents remember are past time. That is why we tried to sum up the best online dating portals here.

How to find a partner using online dating?

Just like in the past, online dating begins with an advertisement. It is called a profile and it contains pictures and a description of yourself. Each user creates an own profile, uploads at least one photo, writes a few sentences about himself, also his requirements for the future partner and it is done. You can start dating all by yourself. Search and filter functions allow you to browse other user-profiles and search for your potential new partner. No more waiting for the mailman. All digital available 24/7 from your phone or computer.

Disadvantages of online dating

As easy as you can browse other user profiles, your profile will be also visible for all other users on the portal. This is what you want, to get connected! But it includes also people you normally would not want to meet. Keep in mind you can set your profile as you wish and how it is visible for others. If there is not a match you can always simply click 'next' and move on to the next.

For who is online dating?

Finding a partner on the Internet has become a standard nowadays. What was still unusual years ago, now it is quite common. Nowadays all age groups, from teenagers to even grandmothers, are looking for a partner on the Internet. Another trend of recent years is the categorization of dating sites for specific groups of users. On the Internet you will find dating sites for casual travels, for tattoos, Startrek fans and BDSM, adult, senior dating and the list goes on and on.

How to compare dating sites?

To make the first step easier for you, especially to find the right dating site for you, we prepared a list of the most popular portals for dating. We hope that this list will help you and make it easier to find the most suitable partner just for you. In the meantime, please think about what you really want to find. Are you looking for a partner for the rest of your life to start a family with? Do you just want to go out and look for a flirt or are you looking for a new best friend?

Are there free online dating sites?

Yes, there are many dating sites available for free on the Internet. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend most of them. Not all free portals are as reliable as their paid counterparts. The amount of ads is higher on these free dating sites and the amount of users is much lower. The fee for paid dating sites serves not only to balance the operation costs of the site but also as a natural selection of serious users who really want to get connected. This is of course what we mainly took into comparison.

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